• Overview
  • Overview and Instructor Introductions (Video) [4:05]
  • Lesson 1: How Has GPRA Evolved Over the Past 20 Years? (Video) [3:14]
  • Lesson 2: What Is the Federal Government's Current Performance Framework? (Video) [7:39]
  • Lesson 3: Goal Setting - Strategic Plans and Priority Goals (Video) [2:25]
  • Knowledge Check: What Is the Purpose of GPRA? (Video) [2:04]
  • Lesson 4: Using Performance Info - Quarterly Progress Reviews (Video) [10:31]
  • Lesson 5: Communicating Results - Annual Reports and Performance.gov (Video) [3:20]
  • Lesson 6: Changing the Culture - How Are Feds Responding? (Video) [5:24]
  • Knowledge Check: Why Do We Collect and Report Performance Data Under GPRA? (Video) [1:35]
  • Knowledge Check: How Much Are Federal Managers Using Performance Data to Do Their Jobs Better? (Video) [1:26]
  • Lesson 7: What Are Some Ongoing Measurement Issues? (Video) [5:47]
  • Lesson 8: Impact - Has a Performance Focus Made a Difference? (Video) [7:30]
  • Lesson 9: What Future Challenges Remain? (Video) [6:48]
  • Lesson 10: Next Steps - Agency Level Strategic Reviews (Video) [4:14]
  • Lesson 11: Resources and How to Continue the Conversation (Video) [5:33]
  • Post-Course Survey

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