• Overview
  • Introduction to The Power of Questions (Video) [1:00]
  • Lesson 1: What Makes a Good Coaching Question? (Video) [2:50]
  • Lesson 2: High-quality Coaching Questions (Video) [7:59]
  • Post-Course Survey

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You can never ask a dumb question, right?  While that saying might stand true, you can always ask a better question after a little preparation. Carol Goldsmith, a renowned career coach, makes certain the daily questions you ask will have outcomes that define goals, clarify thinking, and deepen understanding on your topics of discussion.

After watching these videos, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the power of questions, why they are an essential tool in coaching and what constitutes a “high quality coaching session”.
  • List and describe the types of high quality coaching questions – closed and judgmental vs. curious and open-ended, and wordy vs. elegant.
  • Discover ten ways to improve your questions and conduct better coaching sessions.

After all, the quality of the questions we ask determines the quality of results we receive.