• Overview
  • Lesson 1: Creating Innovation in Government (Video) [22:32]
  • Lesson 2: Creating Innovation in Local Government (Video) [14:21]
  • Lesson 3: Bringing Silicon Valley to DC (Video) [25:30]
  • Lesson 4: 7 Key Activities to Get Innovation Right — Design Thinking in Government (Video) [21:36]
  • Post-Course Survey

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You can change government. Don’t believe us? Listen to these four short presentations by people  who know a thing or two about change. Specifically, you will hear from:

  • Todd Park, former U.S. Chief Technology Officer
  • Andrea Addison, Civic Innovator, City of Richmond
  • Ryan Allis, CEO, Connect.com
  • Seth Kahan, Author, Getting Innovation Right

Learn from their lessons. Follow their road map. Be the change you seek.