• Overview
  • Lesson 1: What Is Plain Language? [2:28]
  • Lesson 2: What Are Plain Language Techniques? [3:25]
  • Lesson 3: What Governs Plain Language? [5:01]
  • Lesson 4: How Do I Apply Plain Language Techniques? [7:14]
  • Lesson 5: Keeping Things Short [3:07]
  • Lesson 6: Your Reader Is a Person! [9:37]
  • Lesson 7: Don't Sound So Bureaucratic! [7:38]
  • Lesson 8: Action Items & Resources [2:28]
  • Post-Course Survey

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Government gobbledygook! That’s what most citizens say when they see government policies and legislation. Speaking of legislation, the Plain Language Act actually mandates that government agencies write more clearly.  So how do you do that well? This course will:

  • Provide an update on plain language principles and the law that is compelling agencies to write more clearly
  • Offer some specific techniques you can apply to improve your language
  • Share a few resources and action items you can take to write better right away

By the way, we owe a special thanks to Digital Government University for producing dozens of great courses on a variety of subjects. We plucked this course from their amazing library and remixed the audio with some fresh slides and GovLoop flair. Check them out if you want more great online training: http://www.digitalgov.gov