• Overview
  • Introduction: Managing Mobility (Video) [1:31]
  • Lesson 1: 4 Insights on Mobility (Video) [2:59]
  • Lesson 2: Best Practices: Communications and Training (Video) [4:41]
  • Lesson 3: Leveraging Telework for an Efficient Workforce (Video) [4:21]
  • Lesson 4: Managing Performance (Video) [5:03]
  • Lesson 5: Drive Performance Through Flexibility and Trust (Video) [4:08]
  • Lesson 6: Creating Culture Change (Video) [4:42]
  • Post-Course Survey

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Not long ago your team probably worked from the office every day. Now, it might seem like everyone is working remotely. Telework is easier than ever and has the potential to save your organization money and promoteĀ a work/life balance. But how do you successfully manage a mobile workforce? What should leaders do to effectively implement a mobile workforce strategic plan? After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand mobile performance and management best practices
  • Identify trends in managing a remote workforce in government, including mobile workforce technologies and performance measurement best practices
  • Describe the benefits of a mobile workforce to organizational leaders

This course is led by four experts in mobile workforce management, including:

  • Dr. Rebecca Ayers, Office of Personnel Management
  • Dr. Bill Powers, Department of Homeland Security
  • Carol Cohran, FlexJobs
  • Mika Cross, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Organizations are recognizing the demand on workforces and the benefits of having a mobile workforce strategy. This course will help you see how such a strategy could move work mobility from a fringe idea to a strategic driver for your organization.