• Overview
  • Lesson 1: An Introduction to Machine Data [2:59]
  • Lesson 2: The Challenge of Using Machine Data [2:50]
  • Lesson 3: The Solution for Infrastructure Monitoring [2:47]
  • Knowledge Check
  • Post-Course Survey

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Agencies can’t afford to suffer significant downtime or service outages. Interruptions can directly impact the organization’s reputation and hurt citizen engagement with your services. But to ensure that performance is maintained, leaders must be able to quickly identify the source of the problem, even when their IT systems reside in siloes spread across a heterogeneous environment. That’s why many agencies are turning to solutions that make sense of machine data to produce operational insights in real-time.

This course is intended for anyone who wants to better understand machine data and its value to government organizations. In three lessons, we’ll define what machine data is, why it’s important and how it can transform IT operations management in government.  Finally, we’ll discuss how infrastructure monitoring that leverages machine data can help agencies generate better outcomes, including improved service delivery and reduced outage times.

After taking this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define machine data and its benefits.
  • Identify the role machine data plays in infrastructure monitoring.

This course was informed by Ashok Sankar, Director of Solutions Strategy at Splunk. To learn more about using machine data, check out these additional resources: