• Overview
  • Lesson 1: The Obstacles to Data Analytics [2:44]
  • Lesson 2: How to Move to Data Analytics in Government [3:12]
  • Lesson 3: Data Analytics in Action [3:26]
  • Knowledge Check
  • Post-Course Survey

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With a growing population, an increase in connected devices and the rapid pace of technological development, agencies are now collecting more data than ever before. Not to mention, the sprawl of government information systems and technologies means that agencies are also generatingĀ significant amounts of information.

All that data can be extremely valuable to the way government achieves mission goals. But to reap that value, agencies must be able to do more than collect it; they must be able to analyze it.

In this course, we examine the barriers that many agencies face in bridging the gap between collection and analytics. We also identify the three critical tasks that agencies must achieve to glean insights from their data. Finally, we examine how data analytics can have real impact on the operations of government agencies.

This course was informed by Mark Hughes, Vice President of Strategic Programs at AlphaSix. To learn more about analytics and how to make of the most of your agency data, check out these additional resources: