• Overview
  • Lesson 1: Government's Cloud Needs [3:37]
  • Lesson 2: Overview of Microsoft Azure Government [3:07]
  • Knowledge Check [1:00]
  • Lesson 3: Security in the Cloud [4:57]
  • Lesson 4: Make Your Move to the Cloud [3:38]
  • Knowledge Check [1:00]
  • Lesson 5: Empower Your Data [4:06]
  • Lesson 6: Build an App [3:24]
  • Interactive: Use Cases of Microsoft Azure Government [2:00]
  • Post-Course Survey

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Government agencies are increasingly turning to cloud computing to execute mission-critical operations and provide services to citizens. In order to be successful, agencies must partner with the right cloud service provider.

Similar to many other industries, government needs the agility to respond to almost any situation. But while the private sector can easily find such flexibility in the cloud, for governments, it’s not so simple. In addition to obtaining the computing and development power of the cloud, agencies must adhere to the highest levels of security while meeting complex U.S. government compliance regulations.

In six lessons, this course examines the unique cloud needs of the public sector. We also explain how Microsoft Azure Government can meet those needs and help agencies make the most of cloud computing.

To understand some of Azure Government’s unique offerings, we’ll also hear from Steve Michelotti, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Azure Government.

Thank you to Microsoft for this public sector resource.