• Overview
  • Lesson 1: The Barriers to Secure Orchestration [2:50]
  • Lesson 2: The Role of Automated Configuration Management [2:53]
  • Lesson 3: Ensure FedRAMP Compliance [3:15]
  • Knowledge Check
  • Post-Course Survey

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Government IT departments have more than ever on their plates. And without the proper security measures in place, agencies can’t effectively prevent or handle the more intense and frequent cyberattacks that come their way. Agencies need secure orchestration to manage the challenges of modern government IT work.

This course explains the value of secure orchestration and how it can be achieved with automated configuration management (ACM). We also explore how ACM can be leveraged to obtain, maintain, document and report on FedRAMP compliance to ensure agencies are secure now and in the future.

This course was informed by Bill Diamond, Senior Sales Engineer at Puppet.