• Overview
  • Introduction (Video) [1:45]
  • Lesson 1: Realities (Video) [3:43]
  • Lesson 2: Myths (Video) [3:56]
  • Lesson 3: Pursue Mission (Video) [4:23]
  • Lesson 4: Routines (Video) [3:50]
  • Lesson 5: Appreciate (Video) [5:27]
  • Lesson 6: Disposition (Video) [3:21]
  • Lesson 7: Integrity (Video) [4:18]
  • Lesson 8: Peace (Video) [4:02]
  • Post-Course Survey

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Most of us desire a healthy work/life balance. Yet many of us don’t have it, and some of us don’t even know what it looks like. Take the first steps towards restoring order and sanity back into your life with these five quick tips presented by Steve Wiley, CEEK president and leadership coach. Specifically, the tips are designed to help you:

  • Define attainable goals to manage your work and life responsibilities
  • Identify your own purpose in light of your work and personal life
  • Establish daily routines to help balance your hectic schedule

Balance is not always a goal to be achieved, but a tension to be managed. These five quick tips will help you deal with the next time work and life throws adversity your way.