Budgeting 101

Understanding the Federal Budgeting Process - Video [1 hour]

Does the federal budget process seem murky and mysterious to you? Do you generally understand how it works, but want a quick refresher? If you answered “yes” to either question, … View Course

Creating a Performance Culture

GPRA at Twenty - Video [1 hour 15 minutes]

Every agency has reporting requirements tied to the Government Performance and Results Act, affectionately known as GPRA. Whether you’re directly connected to it or not (but especially if you are), … View Course

Stop Spending Leaks

Save Money on Food, Transportation, Utilities and Entertainment - Video [30 minutes]

Money. Does it buy happiness? It’s unclear. In any case, we can’t live without it, and we can definitely benefit from better management of it. However, while there are plenty of online tools and … View Course