• Overview
  • Lesson 1: Overview and Instructor Introductions (Video) [4:04]
  • Lesson 2: Brief History of the Federal Budget (Video) [6:57]
  • Knowledge Check 1: Who Initiates the Process? (Video) [11:02]
  • Lesson 3: Key Budget Concepts and Terminology (Video) [8:47]
  • Knowledge Check 2: What is Budget Authority? (Video) [6:23]
  • Lesson 4: Budget Process Overview Part 1 (Video) [13:27]
  • Knowledge Check 3: When do Agencies Get Money? (Video) [5:58]
  • Lesson 5: Budget Process Overview Part 2 (Video) [3:18]
  • Lesson 6: Top 3 People to Know in your Agency (Video) [9:43]
  • Lesson 7: Additional Resources to Explore (Video) [4:32]
  • Post-Course Survey

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Does the federal budget process seem murky and mysterious to you? Do you generally understand how it works, but want a quick refresher? If you answered “yes” to either question, this course was made for you. In a few short modules, you will:

  • Learn some of the key concepts and terminology pertaining to federal budgeting
  • Understand an overview of the budget process and understand the roles of the President and Congress
  • Know who to talk to inside and outside of your agency to learn more

By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll be quite conversant in how money gets allocated in government.