• Overview
  • Lesson 1: A New Type of Government Factory [2:31]
  • Lesson 2: How to Build a Software Factory [3:10]
  • Lesson 3: Software Factory Best Practices [2:22]
  • Knowledge Check
  • Post-Course Survey

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Government employees need innovation at their fingertips. Whether they’re on the frontlines or in the back office, they require secure, modern systems to do their jobs — and to adapt quickly to change. To power these modern operations, agencies need reliable and secure software code.
In this course, you’ll learn how agencies such as the Defense Department are using software factories to automate activities in the development, testing, release and delivery phases of the software cycle. You’ll also learn the key steps to developing a software factory and how employees at every level can benefit from this approach.
DevOps at scale: How to build your software factory
Why a software factory is key to your enterprise DevOps success
Software Factory