Readying Your Networks for Disruptive Technology

Accelerate IT Modernization With Cloud-Ready Networks- Interactive [10 minutes]

Across the federal government, agencies are realizing that modernizing IT is easier said than done. They are discovering that their legacy networks aren’t ready for cloud-based solutions and other transformative … View Course

4 Steps to Building a Software Factory

Shifting to a Software Factory Mindset - Interactive [10 minutes]

Government employees need innovation at their fingertips. Whether they’re on the frontlines or in the back office, they require secure, modern systems to do their jobs — and to adapt … View Course

Optimizing Application Delivery from the Cloud

Optimize Application Delivery With an ADC Solution

Across government, agencies are moving a growing number of applications to the cloud, looking to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations and services. But there’s a catch—this strategy … View Course

How to Create Secure, Seamless Citizen Services

Meet the Demand With Cloud-Based CIAM

Many government agencies use identity and access management (IAM) solutions to manage which employees can access which IT resources and services. It has become a staple of government cybersecurity. Now, … View Course

Federal Ransomware: A Rising Threat

Prepare Your Agency for a Ransomware Attack - Interactive [10 minutes]

If you haven’t heard of ransomware yet, you will. Ransomware is more than just malicious software – it’s a dangerous cyberthreat that can cost your agency millions of dollars. Even … View Course

Building an Enterprise Cloud with HCI

Put HCI Into Practice - Interactive [10 minutes]

As agencies deepen their investment in the cloud, they need to make strategic choices about which applications and data move the cloud and which stay on-premises. While the public cloud … View Course

Manage Cybersecurity Threats with the CDM Dashboard Ecosystem

Improve Your Agency’s Overall Cybersecurity Posture - Interactive [10 minutes]

The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation, managed by the Department of Homeland Security, is the cornerstone of the federal government’s cybersecurity strategy. And at the heart of the program is the … View Course

Managing Risk in Today’s Digital World

Build a Foundation for ERM - Interactive [10 minutes]

The accelerated pace of modernization and innovation in the government IT enterprise has produced a wealth of new capabilities in such areas as cloud, mobility and digital services. But it … View Course

Meeting Your New Digital Coworkers

Leverage RPA at Your Agency - Interactive [10 minutes]

For state and local agencies, the road to mission success is covered with obstacles. From tightening budgets to growing workloads, these challenges are making it harder for agencies to serve … View Course

Controlling Data Protection Costs in the Cloud

The Potential of a Hybrid Solution - Interactive [10 minutes]

Without a doubt, the cloud should be part of every agency’s strategy for data backup and recovery and disaster recovery. It’s quick and easy to deploy and able to scale … View Course