We all have blind spots. But who’s going to point them out? Probably no one. That’s why you need to reflect on the personal attributes that could trip you up in your career. This learning path is designed to help you:

  1. Understand your perceptions;
  2. Know how you react to conflict situations; and
  3. Help you get a better grasp on work-life balance.
This Learning Path consists of 4 Courses:

Own Your Day

20 Productivity Tips – Video [40 minutes]

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg talks about the “10X Engineer.” That’s the member of his team who is ten times more productive than the average engineer. So how can you be the…Read More about Own Your Day

Personal Power

Harnessing Your Energy for Good in Government – Video [1 hour]

You probably wield more power than you realize. Regardless of your title, you have the power to choose how you react in every situation. You also have the ability to…Read More about Personal Power

Become a Brilliant Coalition Builder

Video [6 minutes]

We’ve all heard the phrase, “it’s who you know” and we’ve all had experiences that verify its validity. So what if you could be the person that stands at the…Read More about Become a Brilliant Coalition Builder

How to Give Effective Feedback

Create Better Critical Conversations – Interactive [10 Minutes]

This course is intended for anyone who wants to become more effective in giving critical feedback. In three lessons, we’ll define the three types of feedback and describe the best…Read More about How to Give Effective Feedback