Citizens increasingly expect the same performance from government services as they do from their private sector applications. To satisfy those demands, agencies at every level of government are exploring new ways to put the citizen and the center of their design processes. This learning path explores the human-centered design approach, its value to internal and external stakeholders, and its application to public sector projects.

This Learning Path consists of 3 Courses:

The Human-Centered Design Mindset

Understand Citizen-Centric Design Processes – Interactive [30 minutes]

Every agency has a responsibility to focus its efforts on fulfilling the needs of its citizens. However, it’s unfortunately all-too-common for competing interests to shift the discussion toward internal agendas…Read More about The Human-Centered Design Mindset

The Human-Centered Approach

Create a Human-Centered Government – Interactive [1 hour]

In order to implement human-centered design in your agency, you’re going to need a toolbox of methods, techniques, and resources, as well as a process to guide you through using…Read More about The Human-Centered Approach

HCD In Action: NYC School Choice Program

The Story of a Real World HCD Project – Interactive [30 minutes]

Human-Centered Design is making an impact throughout government at all levels: federal, state and local. As you get started using HCD at your agency, you’ll likely need some insider tips…Read More about HCD In Action: NYC School Choice Program