Cloud computing seems to be the biggest trend in government IT these days. Nearly every agency at every level of government is exploring these on-demand, flexible solutions for everything from collaboration to e-mail, storage to data analytics.

But do you really understand what cloud technology is, what it does, and how to use it? In this learning path, we’ll cover everything you need to know about cloud, including:

  • The basics of cloud computing
  • The ins and outs of cloud service delivery models
  • Strategies for procuring cloud technologies
This Learning Path consists of 3 Courses:

Cloud Fundamentals

Government Case Studies and Lessons – Interactive [30 minutes]

In the information technology world, few buzzwords are more mystical than “cloud computing.” Sure, we use the cloud to access email, health records and work files, and to do online…Read More about Cloud Fundamentals


Explore the Three Cloud Service Delivery Models – Interactive [30 minutes]

Welcome to the GovLoop Academy IT-as-a-Service course, where you will learn about three cloud service delivery models, how they are different, and what they can do for your agency.…Read More about IT-as-a-Service

Making Smarter IT Investments

Choose the Right Cloud Solution for You – Interactive [30 minutes]

Cloud is a common buzzword in the IT world, and in our daily lives we use the cloud to do everything from check email, to access work files, to online…Read More about Making Smarter IT Investments