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Hybrid Cloud for Software-Defined Data Centers

This learning path explores the many benefits of deploying VMware Cloud on AWS, as well as the specific use cases for this model within federal agencies, state and local government, and higher education institutions.Read More

Digital Acquisition

Government is increasingly reliant on digital technologies to create citizen services, increase efficiencies, enhance security, and more. But for many years, standard procedures have inhibited agencies from acquiring and using the best-of-breed … Read More

Cloud Crash Course

Cloud computing seems to be the biggest trend in government IT these days. Nearly every agency at every level of government is exploring these on-demand, flexible solutions for everything from … Read More

Human-Centered Design

Citizens increasingly expect the same performance from government services as they do from their private sector applications. To satisfy those demands, agencies at every level of government are exploring new … Read More

Tech Essentials

Whether you’ve grown up using all the latest tech or started working in government before computers were part of the workplace, keeping up-to-date on the latest trends in public sector … Read More

Career Advancement

So you say want to make six figures and trade your cubicle for a corner office? Ain’t gonna happen…unless you have a plan! This series of 3 short courses helps … Read More

Personal Growth

We all have blind spots. But who’s going to point them out? Probably no one. That’s why you need to reflect on the personal attributes that could trip you up … Read More

Engaging Citizens and Communities

For a government “of the people, by the people, for the people,” citizen engagement is a central concern. As society grows and changes, government employees and agencies must adapt and … Read More