Creating and editing your mentor profile:

  1. The user profile is the primary way mentees will evaluate mentors. GovLoop recommends that mentors complete as much of their profile as possible.
  2. To create and edit a profile, click the “profile” tab at the top of the GLA homepage, then the “edit profile” button to navigate to the profile editing page (profile > edit profile).
  3. Under the profile editing page, fill in as much information as you would like. GovLoop recommends at minimum filling out the name, LinkedIn account profile, biographical info, and profile photo fields. Prospective mentees will use this information when selecting mentors.

Matching with mentees:

  1. To be matched with mentees, navigate to the “view your profile” page under the “profile tab” at the top of the GLA homepage.
  2. Below a mentor’s profile information mentors will see users who have applied to be their mentee. Click on the “view profile” button to review the biographical information of the applicant. Send a message to the applicant if you have additional comments or questions.
  3. To accept or deny a mentee application, navigate back to your profile page, either by clicking on the back button or step 1 above.
  4. Under “pending requests,” click the accept or reject button next to the mentee’s name.
  5. Once you have accepted a mentee, their profile will move to the “my mentees” list underneath the applicants list.
  6. Mentees have been instructed to initiate a virtual or in-person meeting with their mentors to create goals and tasks for their mentoring relationship (i.e. frequency, duration, and mode/location of meetings, and overall expectations). If a mentor does not hear from their mentee shortly after accepting them, GovLoop recommends that they send a the mentee a message. You can directly email mentees by navigating to their profile (profile > view my profile > my mentees > view profile > send message).

Tracking mentee progress:

  1. The GLA Action Plan is the primary way mentors can create and track mentee progress. GovLoop recommends creating an action plan with your mentee and using it to track their progress. Some mentees may have started an action plan prior to matching. You can view your mentees’ action plans by clicking on the “action plan” bar at the top of the GLA page (action plan > name of mentee).
  2. Click on your mentee’s name to view their action plan. Mentors can check complete, edit, and comment on their mentees action plan in the following ways:
    • Completing tasks: Mentors can mark a mentee’s goal or action by clicking on the box to the left of the goal or task, however GovLoop recommends that mentees mark these complete.
    • Editing: As a best practice, we encourage that mentees do most of the action plan editing, however mentors can fill in the task and goal title, and optional website link and due date. Website links can go to event pages, additional resources such as GovLoop guides, etc. Mentees can create as many goals as they would like, however GovLoop recommends 2-4 per action plan.
    • Commenting: Mentors can comment on action plan items by clicking on the speech bubble on the right of goals and tasks. Insert a comment in the text field and press send. GovLoop recommends that mentors comment rather than edit mentee action plans.
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